Linksys SPA962 Configuration Wizard

The Linksys SPA962 Configuration Wizard is the latest addition to the Voxilla VoIP Device Configuraiton Wizard family. This new configuration wizard has expanded service provider support and allows configuration of all six extensions. … [Read more...]

Looking Backwards for the Future

Yesterday I saw something in the New York Times that got me really excited. It wasn’t a preview of Vista or yet-another-article about the Apple iPhone. It was a story about something distinctly low-tech and backwards looking, and that I’ve wished existed for a long time. The subject of the story was a turntable that sends audio output directly to a computer. Now, this isn’t for those of you who have already converted your vinyl collection to CDs or MP3 files, like my friend the … [Read more...]

The iPhone Rumors Are Right . . . And Wrong

Linksys CIT400

While the unwired world has been buzzing about Apple's putative mobile-phone-cum-music-player, the busy elves in Santa's workshop have been getting the Linksys iPhones ready for Christmas delivery. You read that right — iPhone. Cisco/Linksys has owned the trademark on that name since its 1999 acquisition of InfoGear. While it may not be as sexy as the mythic Apple iPhone, the Linksys iPhone is here now, and delivers very useful features at down-to-earth prices. Today Linksys announced … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA9000 5.1.5a Firmware May Cause Phone Reboot

The Linksys SPA9000 5.1.5a firmware may cause phone reboots during calls. Linksys has replaced the 5.1.5a firmware on their website with a previous firmware release (5.1.1). Customers who are experiencing phone reboot problems with the 5.1.5a firmware are advised to rollback to the 5.1.1 release. Linksys released the SPA9000 5.1.5a firmware on December 7th. By December 10th, the Linksys (Sipura) SPA Users Group was receiving reports of SPA941/SPA942 reboots during calls. Linksys … [Read more...]