Linksys retires the PAP2

Linksys officially retired the PAP2. This shouldn't be a big deal to most consumers as the PAP2 was more expensive than and not as functional as the PAP2T. The retirement of the PAP2 may be an issue for service providers wanting uniform customer equipment. … [Read more...]

4-Lines for Everyone

Linksys announced the end of the SPA941/SPA942 four line upgrade license. Starting with firmware version 5.1.10 for the SPA942 and firmware version 5.1.8 for the SPA941, the SPA94X series phones will automatically enable the ability to configure up to four unique extensions per phone. … [Read more...]

CommBytes 6/7/07

Snom, a German IP phone manufacturer and one of the first to embrace Asterisk, now is working with Windows-based PBX Brekeke. Snom's phones are interoperable with the recently introduced Brekeke PBX v2.x. Linksys has revamped it channel strategy, making it more like Cisco's. The focus is small business and includes new products and vertically specialized partners. Hype about all the swell stuff we can now do with our smartphones never talks about housekeeping — powering all these … [Read more...]

New From Linksys

Since last year’s VON, Linksys has graduated from a section of Cisco’s booth to its own booth. Several new devices made their debut this week. First out of the box is the color screen, 6-line SPA962 phone. Keeping with Linksys’ aim to build useful applications into the phone, the SPA962 comes with an RSS feed that offers several topical feeds for news as well as traffic and weather. It’s easy to see how WebEx could fit into this picture, for example, by integrating business … [Read more...]