Linksys Brings Security Controls to the Home Router


Linksys and Trend Micro announced Monday they are adding Home Network Defender internet security software to a pair of Linksys consumer grade wireless routers, to help block out unsafe sites before any computer on a home network can get to them. The Linksys WRT310N and WRT610N will now feature software that denies access to any site it deems unsafe based on a set of predetermined criteria and constantly talks to Trend Micro servers to determine how secure a site is. Users will be able to … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA962 Product Review

Linksys SPA962

At-a-Glance Product Name: Linksys SPA962 Spec Sheet: Linksys SPA962 Data Sheet Estimated Price: $320.00 (USD) Pros: Bright and bold color display; six independently configurable lines; easy to install; superb remote provisioning functionality. Cons: Speaker phone needs work; web-based configuration pages look dated and could be more informative. … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA8000-G1, A First Look

Linksys SPA8000 Front View

At a glance Product Name: Linksys SPA8000-G1 Data Sheet: Linksys SPA8000-G1 Datasheet Estimated Price: $299.95 Pros: Under $40 per FXS port. Cons: The unit we tested runs hot, like a Mac PowerBook. The release version has a cooling fan. … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA8000 Review and Configuration Wizard

Businesses and ITSPs have long-needed an inexpensive way to connect legacy analog devices to a VoIP network, and Linksys announcement of the SPA8000 -- an eight-port FXS Analog Terminal Adaptor device -- early this year had many eagerly anticipating its release. Finally, that time is here. The Linksys SPA8000 is now available in the United States. We've been testing a unit Linksys made avaialble to us for several months. Read our First Look at the Linksys SPA8000-G1 or if you have already … [Read more...]