Comm Bytes 7/7/07

Software-as-a-service company Skyytek apparently isn't listening to Gartner's nay saying about corporate iPhone use. The company is adopting the iPhone for its mobile employees and is testing it with its on-demand ERP/CRM system, NetSuite. What's also interesting here is ERP as a mobile phone app. Read Skyytec's evaluation here. Another company bringing business apps to the phone is Swedish software company HansaWorld. New offerings for the UK market for PDAs and Nokia business phones include … [Read more...]

Mobile VoIP, Vyke, Truphone, Fonbucks vs. Starbucks and piggybacking

Global businesses have big plans for mobile handsets. That's according to UK research firm Coleman Parkes Research. Seven out of 10 expect to be using mobile VoIP within two years and many are already a variety of business applications. But with the new flexibility comes a whole new dimension of security and management challenges. Robert Jacques at has the story. But while businesses see huge benefits to mobile VoIP, mobile carriers have been circling the wagons, blocking mobile … [Read more...]

Your Smartphone just got smarter and lots of you are going to be watching IPTV soon

Your smartphone just got smarter. Toronto-based Voice On the Go just announced its hands-free service that lets you: Listen to email, both a summary and details Compose, reply and delete emails Review your calendar and make appointments Search contacts and place calls Dial a phone number Voice on the Go works with any phone or BlackBerry smartphone on any network and no download. It's available in the US and Canada and some European cities. The company also offers an enterprise … [Read more...]


JAJAH founder Roman Scharf today announced that VoIP is dead. Scharf shared this insight at the ETRE (European Technology Roundtable Exhibition) in Barcelona today. Scharf's point is that - as I keep saying - people just want to make phone calls. They don't want to have to be networking gurus, they don't want to add another layer of technology to their lives. They want to pick up the phone, get a dial tone and make a call. Period. Imagine if 100 years ago people had to know as much about … [Read more...]