ViaTalk Device Configuration Wizard

ViaTalk Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) customers can now use the Voxilla Device Configuration Wizard. Just start the Wizard for your device and select the closest SIP proxy. … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome Makes Free Calling Easy – Voxilla Makes PhoneGnome Easier

PhoneGnome offers several ways to make free calls, including using non-PhoneGnome devices. As an example, I don't have a landline at home and can use PhoneGnome, a SPA942, and my cell phone. The solution is a good fit for longer calls, when holding a cell phone would be uncomfortable and use too many air-time minutes. Configuring a non-PhoneGnome device was a manual process, until now. With the help of Dameon Welch-Abernathy, aka "PhoneBoy", the Voxilla Device Configuration Wizards now … [Read more...]

PhoneGnome 2.0 Debuts

PhoneGnome 2.0

If there's anyone doing a better job of making it easier or cheaper to use IP telephony than the folks at Televolution, I'd like to meet them. The PhoneGnome came on the scene last year as the brainchild of David Beckemeyer, who cut his IP teeth co-founding Earthlink. The PhoneGnome promised free point-to-point calling between anyone with a PhoneGnome unit (actually a pre-configured Sipura SPA3000 ATA), and offered a number of ITSP choices for reduced rate long distance calling. By … [Read more...]