IPTV: Both Sides Now

It’s interesting to spend time with the folks creating the guts of the brave new world of digital entertainment. It brought me face-to-face with some of my assumptions about the meaning of “IPTV” and the fact that there are other sets of assumptions at work in this space. Those of us who began our new media journey in the IP world have embraced the many-to-many democratization of the Internet. We chose what we want and “pull” it. But the folks who come from the “old … [Read more...]

A Number is Worth a Thousand Words

This week is the Connections show in Santa Clara California, my hometown, out here on the edge of Silicon Valley. I was drawn to this because it seemed like an opportunity to check up on the “networked home” and “digital lifestyle” boosters. Signaling the escalating importance of IPTV, Motorola put on a full day workshop, “IPTV 101” where I picked up some interesting statistics. An average US household today has 25 digital devices — DVRs, cell phones, TV sets and … [Read more...]

So Simple a Writer Can Do It

Voxilla's publisher Marcelo has been bugging me for a while about video production. We should be 'content producers,' he says, not writers. I'm game. God knows, it probably increases my employability to be a 'content producer ' instead of a 'writer.' The Gutenberg age is, like, so over -- right? Of course, given that my immediate job is keeping the Schuk family enterprise fiscally afloat, it's hard to find time to play around with video production. And having been around more than 20 years of … [Read more...]

Be Afraid, Steven Spielberg, Be Very Afraid

For all the talk about IPTV and Video on the Net, Web video has really been just another place to watch what you could watch on TV — just as the Web was initially just another place to put your print advertising. I can hear you saying, “But what about YouTube?” You mean the place where I can watch my 16 year-old’s friends making the same faces we used to make at that age in coin-operated four-for-a-dollar photo booths? Thanks, but no thanks. The fact is, aside from watching a … [Read more...]