Cisco Suing Apple Over iPhone

At first it looked like it was all settled: The new Apple mobile phone product would be dubbed "iPhone" afterall, and Cisco, which owns the trademark to the name, was on board. Not so fast. A day after Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the company's newest product line, and a day after Cisco officials announced they had been discussing the use of the name "iPhone" with Apple, Cisco has filed suit against Apple for trademark infringement. "Cisco entered into negotiations with Apple in good faith … [Read more...]

Arm Candy Apple iPhone Underwhelms

Apple iPhone

“The Holy Grail of Gadgets” “Shake-Up for the Phone Industry” “Will Disrupt the Mobile Phone Market” These are only a few of today’s headlines heralding the advent of the long-awaited Apple iPhone. In fact the scene at MacWorld, following as it did on Christmas, looked for all the world like the geek Magi adoring the holy child of Cupertino. With a buildup like this it would be hard not to come up short, even if you’re golden boy Steve Jobs. So what have we got … [Read more...]