5 Great Communications Innovations – 2008 Edition


In 2008 communications went truly mobile and truly global, extending a trend that's been building for several years, to be sure - but in the great tradition of year-end list making, I'm making the call on 5 innovations that pushed the boundaries, set the bar and served to point the way toward the future of how people will stay in touch tomorrow. 1. iPhone 3G Some might say the Apple smartphone was a 2007 innovation, but the 2nd iteration supporting the 3G network protocol rocked the mobile … [Read more...]

Like the iPhone – How About a Sun Phone?

When I caught up with Sun CTO Bob Brewin a few weeks ago at AjaxWorld, I wasn't expecting to talk about telephones. But that was exactly what Brewin had on his mind as he promoted Sun's software stack for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), JavaFX. That's because JavaFX lets developers create programs that can be ported unchanged to PCs, music and video players, game consoles TV set-top boxes andphones. Kinda makes you think of the Apple iPhone. But Brewin is aiming higher than the iPhone, … [Read more...]

CommBytes 9/10/07

Today Fonality debuted the $999 trixbox® Pro Asterisk-in-a-box appliance for SMBs. The new offering will let resellers install customers systems faster by eliminating the need to install software on a separate server, according to Fonality CEO Chris Lyman.  FierceVoIP has a matched set of interviews with ooma founder Andrew Frame and PhoneGnome founder David Beckmeyer, contrasting the two devices. I say feature, you say drawback… Last week Vyke launched a re-engineered … [Read more...]

Mobile Computing Without the Computer

Now that the cell phone is your fifth most reliable appendage — Viagra notwithstanding — you naturally want to be able to access and do everything else with it, like contact and deploy your weightier less-portable electronic footprint. Transmedia is in the ring for you with GlideMobile — its new information management system that’s designed to let you reach and use every file on your PC, Mac and Linux computers, personal and professional. It also seeks to remove the need … [Read more...]