Iotum Adds a Pretty Voice to Facebook

The ceaselessly energetic Iotum team has released a Facebook app that gives social networking a voice it can use. Known for its “Relevance Engine” that attempts to bring some human intelligence and brain power to incoming calls, the Ottawa-based Iotum’s app is about as close to a click-and-call service as one can get on Facebook. Setting up a free conference call (which can consist of as few as two participants) takes about 30 seconds. And participants are reminded via SMS on their … [Read more...]

Recipe For a Phone Call

Recipe Phone

At this time of year, we think about getting in touch. People you haven’t talked to in 30 years emerge from the woodwork to ask what you’ve been doing since you were college roommates all those years ago. And many of us will pick up the telephone to talk with faraway friends and relatives. To do that, we’ll dial a phone number. That number might be a Skype or Yahoo ID. But it’s still something we have to keep track of. And today, when everyone has an ever-increasing number of phone … [Read more...]

Hold All My Calls, Except . . .

I got a taste of how IOTUM's Relevance Engine for personal communications works when I called IOTUM CEO Alec Saunders for an interview. I was told by a nice ladylike voice that IOTUM had decided that Saunders wasn't available to take my call. I was allowed to leave a voicemail and Saunders called me back from his car. Unfortunately, it was when my three phones were ringing simultaneously. If I had IOTUM that wouldn't have happened. The Ottawa-based company is going after the … [Read more...]