Mobile phone for granny, new industry research reports, another SunRocket antidote

Pass me the Alka Seltzer. Last week's news glut left me hung over. I feel like unless I can report on Harry Potter texting he-whom-we-are-all-sick-to-death-of on his Apple iPhone, what can I possibly have to say? But at some point we have to get back to real life. So here's a virtual cool compress for your forehead in the form of some news you may have missed because of last week's SunRocket wipe-out and Harry Potter and the Deathless Hype. Last week UK firm Communic8 launched its … [Read more...]

Businesses mobility spending, smartphone apps, Motorola and Level 3 go shopping

Businesses are looking to get mobile in a big way in the next 12 to 18 months, with 60 percent having or planning a mobility strategy, according to Mokena, IL-based Nemertes Research study. Unified communications are also high on the corporate shopping list, according to a brand new Infonetics research report. The Campbell, CA-based telecom research firm reports 21 percent growth between 2005 and 2006 for sales of unified communications applications worldwide. Further, Infonetics predicts … [Read more...]

The Lowdown on Enterprise Telephony

The lowdown on enterprise telephony is more of a low-up, with pure IP PBX systems sales growth of 3 percent in the first quarter of 2007, up 76 percent from last quarter, according to Infonetics Research. In the meantime, traditional TDM PBX system sales feebly lifted its head, after five quarters running of losses, showing a flash of life in a declining picture, marked by a sorry medical chart at the foot of its bed — negative 45 percent over the last five years. You can see which way … [Read more...]

Dual Mode Phones Race Ahead

Mobile VoIP is a hit with consumers according to the “Mobile and WiFi Phones and Subscribers” report released today by the Campbell CA-based telecom analyst firm Infonetics Research. While mobile phone sales worldwide were up a healthy 13 percent in 2006, the interesting number is a 327 percent growth in WiFi phone sales during the same period. Still not impressed? Consider what Infonetices predicts for the rest of the decade: A compound annual growth rate close to 200 percent for … [Read more...]