Value Key for Voice WiFi Adoption

While everything at VON is, of course, billed as breakthrough, disruptive, playing field-changing technology, one of the most potentially disruptive new developments made its debut before the show, on Monday at San Jose-based HelloSoft’s open house. When Alexander Graham Bell uttered those fateful words, “Mr. Watson, come here I want you” I’m sure that no one was reporting about the voice quality. So when I experienced a seamless WiFi-cellular call handoff yesterday, I wasn’t … [Read more...]

Are wLANs VoIP-Ready?

VoIP software company HelloSoft is holding a special press shindig next Monday — a pre-VON warm up. The San Jose-based startup is inviting members of the fourth estate to shmooze with HelloSoft execs and take the company's seamless cell-WiFi handoff technology for a spin. Moving a call seamlessly between cell and VoIP networks is certainly sexy. But before you can move the call between the networks, you first need the capability to make a VoIP call over a WiFi network reliably. So I … [Read more...]