Value Key for Voice WiFi Adoption

While everything at VON is, of course, billed as breakthrough, disruptive, playing field-changing technology, one of the most potentially disruptive new developments made its debut before the show, on Monday at San Jose-based HelloSoft’s open house. When Alexander Graham Bell uttered those fateful words, “Mr. Watson, come here I want you” I’m sure that no one was reporting about the voice quality. So when I experienced a seamless WiFi-cellular call handoff yesterday, I wasn’t … [Read more...]

HP Gets Smart

HP today announced its new smartphone, the HP iPAQ 500 Series Voice Messenger, that brings some real smarts to the world of smartphones. The GSM/WiFi voice and data device is designed for business users rather than teenagers. It runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 and is geared for hands-free operation with a speech interface called "Voice Commander." This lets the iPAQ replace the QWERTY keyboard with a familiar telephone keypad. One of its most unique features is a voice-reply-to-email … [Read more...]

Smarting Up Your Dumb Cell

You're away from the office and discover you need an email address that's in your desktop address book. But you can't get it with the one device you do have with you -- your cell phone. Remoba of Santa Clara, CA thinks you should have another choice besides a PDA and a costly wireless data plan. The three-year-old company's mission is to bring your desktop to your plain-jane ordinary, un-smart mobile phone. Remoba offers a suite of applications that connect desktop applications like … [Read more...]

Mobile VoIP Made Simple

Truphone company founder Ed Guy is one of his company's best customers. "I'm a multiple device person. My cell phone doesn't work in my house. So when I'd only need one device I'd have to carry two." Now he only carries one, thanks to UK-based Truphone's long-awaited "mobile VoIP" for the Nokia N80, which was launched today. Currently the service is only available for Cingular and T-Mobile customers because Nokia doesn't deliver WiFi-enabled phones for the other services. Truphone's … [Read more...]