GrandCentral’s Video Game

Fresh from a once-in-a-lifetime media coup involving the New York Times, tech pundit David Pogue's overly clever little script and a video camera (worth a small chuckle here), Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet of GrandCentral hit on an idea . . . asking subscribers to their service to put together their own video shorts on "how you use your GrandCentral account or one of its features." In an email to users, Walker and Paquet list eight video categories, each corresponding to GrandCentral … [Read more...]

Recipe For a Phone Call

Recipe Phone

At this time of year, we think about getting in touch. People you haven’t talked to in 30 years emerge from the woodwork to ask what you’ve been doing since you were college roommates all those years ago. And many of us will pick up the telephone to talk with faraway friends and relatives. To do that, we’ll dial a phone number. That number might be a Skype or Yahoo ID. But it’s still something we have to keep track of. And today, when everyone has an ever-increasing number of phone … [Read more...]

Nay-saying Innovation Through Blogging

This is probably a futile attempt to prevent a flood of discontent with a pinkie's worth of words, but I'll try anyway. The so-called VoIP Blogosphere, which is rapidly moving from a mutual admiration society to a constantly-mention-each-other-in-order-to-jointly-grow-our-Google-dollars society, has grown enough to actually have an impact on the success of new products. It looks, from posts from a number of sources in the past day or so, that the latest target of the chummy "me too" … [Read more...]

Have Number Will Travel

For Archimedes it was the bathtub. For Craig Walker, the eureka moment came during a routine airplane trip. “Every time a cross country flight lands, what’s the first thing everyone does?” he asks. “They check their messages. I’d check my [cell phone] messages, then I’d dial into work. I might even call in for messages at home. And then I’d start the process of calling all those people back. “I got sick of waiting for service providers,” he adds. “[I … [Read more...]