Cisco Killer OBi110 Puts Google Voice on Any Phone

Obihai Technology's poerful OBi110

It's been a long six-year run, but the Cisco SPA3102's reign as the most powerful consumer VoIP adaptor is over. A new device, the OBi110 by Obihai Technology, selling for less than $50, has stepped in to invigorate the sleepy consumer VoIP hardware space. The device offers virtually all the features that have made the SPA3102 the chosen adaptor among VoIP do-it-yourselfers, and sports a slew of enticing new powers. These include: The ability to make US/Canada calls and receive calls … [Read more...]

Mobile phone for granny, new industry research reports, another SunRocket antidote

Pass me the Alka Seltzer. Last week's news glut left me hung over. I feel like unless I can report on Harry Potter texting he-whom-we-are-all-sick-to-death-of on his Apple iPhone, what can I possibly have to say? But at some point we have to get back to real life. So here's a virtual cool compress for your forehead in the form of some news you may have missed because of last week's SunRocket wipe-out and Harry Potter and the Deathless Hype. Last week UK firm Communic8 launched its … [Read more...]

Irony Behind the Google Click-to-Call Hoax

Loren Baker, the editor of the respected Search Engine Journal, is convinced the short-lived item on the official Google blog that purported to announce the cancellation of the Google-eBay "click-to-call" partnership is a hoax. We're very much inclined to agree. Baker writes that "such a message would not come from Google blasting eBay, nor would it be full of misspellings, unsigned or end with the 'This message has been translated using Google language tools' line." The item in … [Read more...]

Google-eBay Click-to-Call Marriage On The Rocks?

Google Post

Has the Google-eBay click-to-call marriage come to an end? Already? It may appear that way from a posting on the "Official Google Blog" (Official Google Blog) that appeared earlier today (Saturday) and quickly disappeared. Ironically, a link to the post, entitled "Google Click-to-Call project cancelled," continued to exist on the listing of "Recent Posts" on the blog on Saturday evening (as this item is written), though the link leads to an error page. We managed to get a screen shot of … [Read more...]