FXO on the Down Low

For small- and medium-sized businesses, going all-VoIP is not an easy decision. Fortunately, the switch-over, which can result in substantial savings and add bold new capabilities to tired old office phone systems, can be done in baby-steps: Purchase an Internet Protocol (IP) based phone system, but keep the PSTN lines, for now. It is indeed possible to integrate VoIP into an existing office analog system, keeping current phone services intact while routing costly toll calls out over IP. … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA400 Product Review

The Linksys SPA400 product review is available on Voxilla.com. The direct link is: Voxilla - Linksys SPA400 (4-port FXO gateway). … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA400 (4-port FXO gateway) Product Review

Linksys SPA400

At-a-Glance Product Name: Linksys SPA400 Spec Sheet: Linksys SPA400 Datasheet Estimated Price: $299.95 Pros: The SPA400 is an inexpensive voicemail solution in a small form factor. The Setup Wizard simplifies basic configuration.  Cons: Factory reset doesn’t clear the IP address. Complex environments will require manual configuration after running the Setup Wizard. Introduction The Linksys SPA400 offers an answer to a sticky problem facing small businesses adopting IP telephony … [Read more...]