CommBytes 9/19/07

Free World Dialup wants FaceBook users to try its new voicemail via FaceBook. FWD President Dan Berninger tells more about it.  Ottowa-based Pika technologies launched its Asterisk-PBX-in-a-box appliance this week, joining Fonality and SwitchVox in this market. The device will be shown at AstriCon next week and start shipping in January 2008.  Communigate launched new version of its unified communications client interface, Pronto! Version 1.2 delivers new call control and … [Read more...]

FWD Dials Up a New Direction

Free World Dial-Up. The name just breathes a certain anarchy appropriate to the 30th anniversary of the Summer of Love. Which, from The Phone Company's point of view, is exactly what it was when the world's first IP phone network debuted in 1995. Now FWD's founder and sole financer Jeff Pulver — it's not exaggerating to call him the Abraham of VoIP — has decided that it's time for his baby to stand on its own two feet. In keeping with Pulver's vision of "participatory … [Read more...]

IP Communications’ Best Kept Secret

TelTel COO Jack Chang calls his vision for the future of communications the PSIPTN. It's not just cute. It telegraphs Chang's essential axioms. First, Internet telephony needs to be as plug-and-play as POTS for consumers. Second, down the road we're not going to be talking about the merits of competing multi-media IP protocols any more than we're talking about the merits of competing analog telephony protocols. "SIP is similar to the PC world in the early 80s," Chang says. "More and more … [Read more...]

It’s the Technology, Stupid

Cable giant Comcast's announcement today that it has hit the 1 million mark in "digital voice" customer subscribers won't be construed as good news by the hundreds of "single-play" service providers that used to view Vonage and its $300 per customer marketing campaign as the New York Yankees (or Manchester United for you fans of real sport) of VoIP. At first glance, it appears that yet another deep-pocketed entrant is trying to scoop up customers by spending millions in marketing -- a hard … [Read more...]