CommBytes 9/10/07

Today Fonality debuted the $999 trixbox® Pro Asterisk-in-a-box appliance for SMBs. The new offering will let resellers install customers systems faster by eliminating the need to install software on a separate server, according to Fonality CEO Chris Lyman.  FierceVoIP has a matched set of interviews with ooma founder Andrew Frame and PhoneGnome founder David Beckmeyer, contrasting the two devices. I say feature, you say drawback… Last week Vyke launched a re-engineered … [Read more...]

A Mini Fonality Furor

A column I wrote here caused a bit of a stir over the past few days. Here's a brief recap: Andy Abramson opined that Fonality, a Southern California-based developer of PBXes built on top of the open-source Asterisk PBX, is "better poised" to move Asterisk into the large enterprise world than Digium, the Alabama-based company that developed and maintains Asterisk. I wrote that it's hard to disagree with that assessment because Fonality does "an exceptional job of marketing" and I don't … [Read more...]

Fonality is Fine, but Worrisome

I won't dispute my friend Andy Abramson's assertion, later echoed by the knowledgeable Ted Wallingford, that Southern California Asterisk front-end reseller Fonality is better poised to bring the open-source PBX into the large enterprise space than even Digium, the company behind Asterisk. I won't because I long ago gave up playing Swami in the unpredictable world of IP communications and because I can see that Fonality has done an exceptional job of marketing its product, its company and its … [Read more...]