Facebook Messenger Adds Free VoIP Calling to iOS

Facebook, the social media giant, has been finding new and improved ways to connect people since its inception. They are always on the forefront of technology and rarely leave a stone unturned. Last week, Facebook announced that it had added free VoIP calling to its Facebook Messenger app for iOS products. Early last year the VoIP calling feature was available for Android users, but now those with an iPhone can join in. The feature is ideal for users that are connected to a Wi-Fi network. … [Read more...]

Iotum Adds a Pretty Voice to Facebook

The ceaselessly energetic Iotum team has released a Facebook app that gives social networking a voice it can use. Known for its “Relevance Engine” that attempts to bring some human intelligence and brain power to incoming calls, the Ottawa-based Iotum’s app is about as close to a click-and-call service as one can get on Facebook. Setting up a free conference call (which can consist of as few as two participants) takes about 30 seconds. And participants are reminded via SMS on their … [Read more...]