VON Boston Gets In Gear

The BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP of propane forklifts aggravated my mood for most of the day today, as hundreds of Teamsters and employees of many of the world's most important IP Communications companies banged and whirred and taped and hammered together display booths and tradeshow paraphernalia on the cavernous exhibit floor of the Boston Convention Center. Now, a little less than an hour from the VON Conference's Opening Reception, the fork lifts are in clean-up mode at the far reaches of the … [Read more...]

Heading East

I tossed a huge pile of paper into the big blue recycling bin on my way out of the office Friday, a housekeeping move designed in part to actually clear away the non-essential detritus of a life in commerce, and at the same time, create room for more. We're decamping over the weekend to Boston for the Fall VON Conference, which begins on Tuesday. Martha, Eric, and I head out Sunday, to be joined by Amin and Marcelo on Monday evening. Next week our East Coast peeps could see better response … [Read more...]