Poking The Skunk

Seems our Director of Engineering may have ignighted a bit of a dust-up with his VON wrap post, wherein he gave his honest opinion about the IP Communications Industry confab held in Boston from September 12 - 14. Today, a full two weeks after the fact, I've got people in my ear and in my face pointing out how Tom Keating over at TMC and Garrett Smith at VoIPSupply picked up on Eric's post and used it to get a little conversation going about the health and direction of the IP … [Read more...]

Voxilla 2.0 Launches, Eric May Get Some Sleep

It's been about eight hours since we launched the new Voxilla content site, and nothing has broken yet. That's a testament to the tremendous work done by Eric Chamberlain, Voxilla's Director of Engineering, and his talented team of coders and designers who, for the past 12 weeks, have worked with little sleep (and lots of diet Dr. Pepper) to completely overhaul our editorial presentation. Here's a partial list of what they accomplished: * A complete transition of the editorial site … [Read more...]

You Suggested Changes to Voxilla, We Listened

The new Voxilla.com site is live. Switching to the new site was a major undertaking and is what I was doing with my evenings and weekends for the past three months. We’ve made some major improvements, including switching content management platforms and forums. The old site ran on PostNuke and PNphpBB2 and was difficult to maintain. The new site runs on Joomla! and vBulletin. Just like with the old site, the user accounts are shared between the content and forum software, so users only need … [Read more...]

About Me

Hello Voxilla Visitors, I'm starting this commentary on technological happenings and other items of interest to the Voxilla community. As an introduction, I thought I would provide some of my background information. I started programming in BASIC in fourth grade. I still have the code for my masterpiece Apple IIe "high-res" rendering of the Chicago skyline. My first formal programming class, beyond "computer camp", was a for credit course offered by the local community college. The … [Read more...]