New Apps Let You Manage the Cloud from Anywhere


A pair of new apps coming soon dovetail nicely with Voxilla tech-honcho Eric Chamberlain's two-part series on working with Amazon's web services (AWS). In keeping with a recent study from Gartner indicating that deskphones could soon disappear from the enterprise, Ylastic has released mobile versions of its AWS management tool for Android and iPhone. For $10 per month, users can manage EC2 instances, Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets and SimpleDB domains, among other capabilities. The … [Read more...]

Blog Tag

So now VoIP Girl has roped me into the Blog Tag game. Here are my little-known facts: I have a degree in Music. Sometimes I still play the piano, but mostly I sing these days. I belong to a choir dedicated to Gregorian Chant, Renaissance Polyphony and Latin liturgy. I love shoes and the color red. And especially the two together. I used to work in product marketing for an ERP software company where I was a maven of manufacturing. I volunteered to edit the customer magazine because it … [Read more...]

The Mac Mini PBX is Discovered

I hate writing about something that we sell through the Voxilla Store, but news is news (and no-news is no-news) and our friend Andy Abramson gave us the opening. A German company, 4S newcom, is pitching an IP PBX that is loaded on an Apple iPod Shuffle (news?) and runs on a Mac Mini (no-news). The system, called iBlue, will begin shipping on November 6th, to coincide with the VON Europe conference in Berlin. An entry level system will be priced at 2,999 Euros (about US$3,750) and consists of … [Read more...]

If only air travel were as easy as VOIP

Some things can't be done via VoIP - visiting college friends at homecoming is one of them. This generally involves air travel. I could write about the lack of customer service in the airline industry, but it's been done. So instead, here are eight notes from my trip: 1. You are not alone - 50K level frequent fliers get treated just as bad as everyone else. 2. Airline employees will tell you what you want to hear to move you along and make you someone else's problem. 3. Get … [Read more...]