Nokia and Mobile Nirvana

Nokia Mobile Nirvana

There is no such thing as the perfect mobile phone -- and there probably never will be for two reasons. First, as in all else, what is right for one may not be -- and in the cell phone world, probably isn't -- right for another. Second, trying to balance functionality and portability necessitates ideal-busting compromise on the part of mobile phone manufacturers. I'll list my off-the-cufff requirements for the cell phone I want to carry permanently, and you'll see both these limiting reasons … [Read more...]

VoIPing Away on My Cell

Martin Dindos has just filed a comprehensive "How-To" on connecting the new Nokia E-series phones (at least those with Wi-Fi capability) to Asterisk. Before publishing it, I had a chance to follow Martin's step-by-step instructions (I did edit the Asterisk files directly as our installation pre-dates the release of the whizzy-wigged Trixbox by a few years). My verdict: Pairing the new Nokia "fusion" phones (the E61 in my case, this will not work with the brain-dead Wi-Fi-less imitation E62 … [Read more...]