Open source networking and VoIP, EQO VoIP long distance

By year end open source fans will have a unified platform for networking and VoIP thanks to a partnership between Digium and Vyatta to integrate Asterisk with Vyatta's Open Source Router. EQO has added long distance mobile VoIP and messaging at local rates to its mobile social networking service. European WiFi hotspot provider Trustive reports that hotspot users are paying for way more than they get. No surprise there. Trustive also predicts that VoIP will be the killer app for … [Read more...]

Onward and Upward

To those of you who made it by the new Voxilla online store for some year-end shopping, we've been glad to see you! And we hope you've been pleased to see our fresh paint and the new goodies on our shelves. We are still working out some distribution logistics, but look forward to a year of new growth in 2007. For you with no idea what I'm going on about, we quietly changed a week or so ago from the old-stand-by shopping cart with the groovy orange graphics to a brand-new platform sporting … [Read more...]

AsteriskNow, Open Source Domination Later


Last week Asterisk users got a peek at their Christmas present from Digium: a beta version of the new AsteriskNow GUI. A formal announcement and a splashy launch are in the works for December. But as important as a user-friendly Asterisk interface is, even more important, the development signals a new direction for the creator of the open source PBX, according to Digium VP of Product management Bill Miller. While the company promises that it will continue to serve the open source community, … [Read more...]

Asterisk Makes it Simple

Asterisk, the open source PBX, is notoriously difficult to configure. As a result, a cottage industry has grown up around it offering tools and interfaces to make that job simpler. Now Digium, the creator of Asterisk has gotten into the act and today launched its own GUI for the PBX — AsteriskNOW. The software is a beta version and is available as a free download at Digium calls AsteriskNOW a “software applianceā€ and says that it includes all the components … [Read more...]