Are Skype’s Problems Architectural?

Skype has had its share of bad news lately, with a malware attack following close on the heels of a massive outage. Current events raise questions about Skype's technology that won't — and shouldn't — go away. One is the perennial architecture question: proprietary (Skype) vs. open (SIP). Recently I asked SIP application company Counterpath's CTO Jason Fischl to talk about it. Fischl was also the architect of TelTel's SIP-based VoIP system. "When you're trying to design a system … [Read more...]

Your Mom’s on Channel 3

The video phone has for the most part been a thing of the future and of ancient Jetson cartoons. It's not that it hasn't been available, it's more that no one has come up with a good reason to use it. But it looks that someone -- specifically Packet8 -- has taken steps to pitch video telephony in a way that makes it something more current, and useful. In short: Forget business, get it in the home. Over the past couple of years, there have been a handful of video phones available using SIP … [Read more...]