CommuniGate Released CommuniGate Pro 5.1.1

CommuniGate released version 5.1.1 of the CommuniGate Pro software today. The 5.1 release came out last week, but had some bugs. I'm working on a product review for another product. When I get to a point where I can stop, I will try out the new release. I have an open SIP issue to test and see if it was fixed with the new release. Here are the major points from the release notes: 5.1.1 22-Oct-06XIMSS: the Calendaring, File Storage, and Task management operations are … [Read more...]

A PBX in Every Home

There's probably little data tracking this, but the PBX is no longer limited to the business setting. It's a safe bet to say that many of the thousands of installations of the popular open source Linux-based Asterisk PBX) and off-shoots such as TrixBox, FreePBX and others, are chugging away in private homes helping to create a fledgling internet phone connectivity system that is poised to give pricey international carriers the fits. The home PBX is not yet simple enough for the casual … [Read more...]

Wait for the CommuniGate Pro 5.1.1 Release

A few 5.1 bug reports have come into CommuniGate and they will be releasing 5.1.1 in a few days. If you haven't upgraded your production environment yet, wait for that release. One upgrade is always better than two in a production environment. Release 5.1.1 will fix a disappearing settings issue and add https support to Pronto. … [Read more...]

Upgrades Never Go Smoothly

I upgraded our CommuniGate Pro Internet Communications application server to version 5.1 today. I put together five upgrade tips to make the upgrade a little easier for others. Need more tips or have tips of your own to submit? Check out Voxilla Tips. … [Read more...]