CommBytes 9/19/07

Free World Dialup wants FaceBook users to try its new voicemail via FaceBook. FWD President Dan Berninger tells more about it.  Ottowa-based Pika technologies launched its Asterisk-PBX-in-a-box appliance this week, joining Fonality and SwitchVox in this market. The device will be shown at AstriCon next week and start shipping in January 2008.  Communigate launched new version of its unified communications client interface, Pronto! Version 1.2 delivers new call control and … [Read more...]

CommuniGate Gets it Together

I hardly ever use instant messaging. The reason isn't a laudable desire to avoid distractions. It's because I simply forget to open that IM "silo." We're so used to working with applications that operate like silos — email, document editing, instant messaging, media players — that we don't notice it until someone brings it to our attention. What's more, for those of us who have difficulty staying focused in the best of cases, the between-applications shuffle provides endless … [Read more...]

Getting unified

Unified communications just got more interesting today. Mill Valley, CA-based CommuniGate today launched the Pronto! client interface, based on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex 2. Targeting both businesses and service providers, Pronto! unifies all Internet communications — from e-mail and IM, to chat, rich media, and groupware — in a single client interface. Later today I'm going to get a demo. More to follow. VoIP pioneer Packet8 is also getting on the unified communications train, … [Read more...]

FXO on the Down Low

For small- and medium-sized businesses, going all-VoIP is not an easy decision. Fortunately, the switch-over, which can result in substantial savings and add bold new capabilities to tired old office phone systems, can be done in baby-steps: Purchase an Internet Protocol (IP) based phone system, but keep the PSTN lines, for now. It is indeed possible to integrate VoIP into an existing office analog system, keeping current phone services intact while routing costly toll calls out over IP. … [Read more...]