It’s the Technology, Stupid

Cable giant Comcast's announcement today that it has hit the 1 million mark in "digital voice" customer subscribers won't be construed as good news by the hundreds of "single-play" service providers that used to view Vonage and its $300 per customer marketing campaign as the New York Yankees (or Manchester United for you fans of real sport) of VoIP. At first glance, it appears that yet another deep-pocketed entrant is trying to scoop up customers by spending millions in marketing -- a hard … [Read more...]

The Magic Of IP Communications

If there is one thing the schlep to Boston proves, it's the versatiltiy of IP communication technology. Voxilla is a small company and because we recognize the value of presence at our industry's premier confab, we've got every one of our key players outside the shipping and fulfillment department here, thousands of miles away from home base. While it might be nice to spend our time here schmoozing and socializing, cementing relationships with people and companies we only ever have a … [Read more...]