Ubiquitous WiFi – Not Here

I've been thinking a lot about EV-DO recently. Not because I'm using it. Quite the opposite. I'm not using it. That's the way I've been thinking about it -- just like you dream about a thick steak when you're hungry or a cute boy when you're a love-sick teenage girl. EV-DO has been on my mind because I've been traveling - moving among three northeastern towns ranging from happening Portland ME, to Binghamton, NY -- heartland of upstate New York's economic disaster -- to Honesdale, PA -- a … [Read more...]

Smarting Up Your Dumb Cell

You're away from the office and discover you need an email address that's in your desktop address book. But you can't get it with the one device you do have with you -- your cell phone. Remoba of Santa Clara, CA thinks you should have another choice besides a PDA and a costly wireless data plan. The three-year-old company's mission is to bring your desktop to your plain-jane ordinary, un-smart mobile phone. Remoba offers a suite of applications that connect desktop applications like … [Read more...]