November Provider Spotlight: YipTel

YipTel image 1

YipTel traces it’s roots back to 1970 when the company founder began the organization as a PBX interconnect at the divestiture of bell companies. The company originally focused on premised based equipment and consequently installed thousands of local phone systems and communication technologies for various clients and customers. It provided the growing business with a deep, rich understanding about clients’ needs as well as how to provide a simple and easy transition to new fields of … [Read more...]

Stay Connected On the Go with Virtual PBX on Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone ownership is growing as fast as the technology that helps to produce them. The mobile phone has gone from a device that simply enabled people to communicate with each other when away from their fixed lines, to something that actually helps them to run their lives. One of the biggest changes has been in the areas in which mobile phones have proved to be not only useful but essential. No longer are they handy simply for keeping in touch with friends and family; now they are so … [Read more...]