It’s the Technology, Stupid

Cable giant Comcast's announcement today that it has hit the 1 million mark in "digital voice" customer subscribers won't be construed as good news by the hundreds of "single-play" service providers that used to view Vonage and its $300 per customer marketing campaign as the New York Yankees (or Manchester United for you fans of real sport) of VoIP. At first glance, it appears that yet another deep-pocketed entrant is trying to scoop up customers by spending millions in marketing -- a hard … [Read more...]

Broadvoice Blames Problems on Telecom Carrier

Significant service outages that BroadVoice customers have been experiencing for a week is the result of a "unilateral" service interruption by one of the provider's carriers, according to an open letter to Broadvoice customers from a company official. The carrier, though not named in the letter, is Bermuda-based Global Crossing, which has been trying to dump its consumer VoIP customers in favor of more profitable enterprise pastures. … [Read more...]

BroadVoice Has a Rock Star

Lowell, MA-based VoIP provider BroadVoice might just have landed it's own celebrity rock star. According to BroadVoice President David Epstein, Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith (and father of actress Liv Tyler), tried out the company's VoIP service at the Panasonic booth during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Tyler made a few calls using the service and, Epstein said. was so satisfied with the quality he signed up on the spot for the company‚Äôs … [Read more...]

Broadvoice Takes The “Limits” Off “Unlimited”

The Massachussetts-based VoIP service provider bucks the industry trend by sharing configuration settings with its customers, allowing use of its $19.95/mo. unlimited plan with virtually any SIP device. … [Read more...]