Mobile Computing Without the Computer

Now that the cell phone is your fifth most reliable appendage — Viagra notwithstanding — you naturally want to be able to access and do everything else with it, like contact and deploy your weightier less-portable electronic footprint. Transmedia is in the ring for you with GlideMobile — its new information management system that’s designed to let you reach and use every file on your PC, Mac and Linux computers, personal and professional. It also seeks to remove the need … [Read more...]

Blackberry, Avaya, and Argonne votes against VoIP

By year end Blackberry users will have a new WiFi-enabled dual-mode device. Here. This week Avaya debuts a new SIP-based PBX system for distributed businesses featuring low-cost VoIP phones. Here. Network World has a cautionary tale today about how Argonne Labs ended up replacing its green field VoIP implementation with a TDM system because of problems with the Cisco handsets. Author Paul Desmond offers a detailed case study. Here. … [Read more...]