Daily CommBytes 5/18/07

Everybody knows that Verizon won its patent suit against Vonage. But how many people understand the patents that were the basis of the case? Robert Green at Briefing.com has laid it all out in a helpful chart format describing each of the patents. Plus, a discussion of the how the court ruling is highly likely to have an impact on cable companies' VoIP offerings. Here. By 2010 46 million of us are going to be watching some kind of video on our phone, according to Infonetics. Here. Skype … [Read more...]


The Apple Rumor Mill has been operating overtime on grist that the company is planning a WiFi version of the iPod, planned just in time for Christmas 2007. The source of the rumor is Taiwan's Digitimes, which has a notoriously poor track record predicting Apple news. … [Read more...]

iPhone Clone

Daily TechRag has an interesting item about a new mobile chip designed to power Apple iPhone knockoffs that are being planned even before Apple's device hits store shelves. Can you say Newton? … [Read more...]

Apple and Cisco Make Nice

Cisco and Apple have come to terms about the "iPhone" trademark. Under today's agreement, both companies can use the "iPhone" trademark. Each acknowledges the trademark ownership rights that have been granted and will dismiss any pending actions over it. Tonight's press release says that "Cisco and Apple will explore opportunities for interoperability in the areas of security, and consumer and enterprise communications." No other details were released. … [Read more...]