First Looks: AOL VoIP Service Keeps it Simple

Internet giant's CallWays service looks a lot like the company's well-worn content site: Easy-to-use, attractive at first glance, but over-burdened with ads and less-than-useful pop-ups. All-in-all, a worthy, albeit expensive, first stab. … [Read more...]

AOL Says Its VoIP Service Will Make a Dent

By making its new broadband telephony service both simple and slick, AOL thinks it will affect the VoIP industry in the same way the giant service provider helped fuel the growth of the internet a decade ago. … [Read more...]

AOL Looks to Reboot With VoIP

America Online (AOL), once a titan of internet service providers that has lately fallen on difficult times, is pinning its future aspirations on Voice over IP. The company will launch a consumer VoIP service to its online customers in April. … [Read more...]