How It Works

If you are wondering what the top five most common answers for why an internet phone service triumphs over a traditional landline then read on. 

Cost Savings

Hands down the number one benefit people using an Internet phone service mention is the money they save from such a service.  There is usually no set-up or installation fee to get this service started, and once it is set up you save money on calls because there is usually one flat rate for all calls, there is no extra fee for long distance calls, translating to hundreds of dollars of savings. In fact, most plans will give you full and complete call coverage for under $20 per month.


Next on the list of benefits is reliability.  Although in its initial stages there were connectivity issues with internet phone service these issues are long gone and reliability is great, and static free!


Internet phone service offers the most extensive and technologically advanced features. In addition to standard features, like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding there are also cutting edge features that will help you stay ahead and save money.

Ease of Use

Another of the top benefits of using Internet phone service is that it is easy to install and use. While other phone service typically involves a visit from a technician you’ll find that the installation process is simple. In fact, with most services you need only connect an analog adapter to your telephone in order for it to work with the new digital service.


While standard home telephone service is analog Internet phone service is digital. Internet phone service uses a broadband connection to provide high quality voice service. Signals are converted to digital creating better sound quality and minimum interference. What’s great about Internet phone service is that the sound quality and clarity when you are talking to someone is the same whether they are around the corner or around the world.