A ‘Hotline’ of SPAs

One of the most popular help requests of owners of the SPA series Cisco/Linksys VoIP adapters is how to configure two of the devices in separate locations to create a virtual hotline. The idea is that when a phone connected to one of the devices is lifted off it's hook, a call is automatically made to the other SPA device, ringing the phone attached to it. The topic comes up regularly on the Voxilla Forum, and it did so again in the last few days. Senior forum author hwittenb, as ususal, … [Read more...]

Voxilla’s FreePBX in a Cloud, Step-By-Step

Create Security Group

Note: This post has been updated with a new FreePBX in a Cloud instance for Europe. Because of the interest in our series on VoIP and the open source Asterisk PBX using Amazon's convenient Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), yesterday (2009-02-23) Voxilla released a pre-built virtual machine EC2 image using FreePBX, the popular graphical front end administration tool for Asterisk. If you are interested in a stock installation of Asterisk on the Amazon cloud (either you prefer to manage your PBX … [Read more...]

FreePBX in a Cloud With a Click


Note: This post has been updated with a new FreePBX in a Cloud instance for Europe. Since making freely available Voxilla's  “pre-built” Asterisk installation for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) (Asterisk on the Cloud With a Click), we've received many requests for a version that includes a graphical administration front end for the well-regarded open-source PBX. Answering the demand, we settled on FreePBX, itself an open-source Asterisk GUI developed under the guidance of … [Read more...]

Asterisk on the Cloud With a Click

Amazon Web Services

Note: This post has been updated with a new FreePBX in a Cloud instance for Europe. Our two-part tutorial explaining how to use VoIP (Part 1) and Asterisk (Part 2) in Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has garnered quite a bit of attention. But due to the time required to complete the many steps needed to get up and running, some of you have asked if it is possible to create a much simpler to install "pre-built" Asterisk EC2 "instance."  In short, yes it is. And we've done just that … [Read more...]

From the Forums: News You Can Use

Each Tuesday we comb through the Voxilla forums looking for interesting, sometimes off-beat, under-publicized and useful information brought to our attention by loyal and active Voxilla forum members. If you're aware of something that ought to get the wider attention of a front-page audience, be sure to let us know in comments below or send us an email to staff[at]voxilla[dot]com. The Linksys SPA9000 is one of the more powerful, versatile home office/small business IP PBX devices you can … [Read more...]

From the Forums: News You Can Use

Every Tuesday find interesting links and discussions culled from the Voxilla reader forums right here on the cover. If you've got a topic or discussion you feel needs wider distribution, be sure and comment, with a link in the comments to the Tuesday forum post as well. With that, on to this week's highlights: Mobile VoIP is all the rage on iPhone, and with the impending release of its 3.0 operating firmware with push notification support, many are anxious to find out whether incoming … [Read more...]

From the Forums: News You Can Use

Every Tuesday we bring to the Voxilla front page several interesting threads from our user forums that we believe deserve a wider audience or that might help Voxilla readers get the most value from the time they spend on the site. Usually the Tuesday Forum post goes up in the morning but this week we've been a little pinched with obligations related to Apple's World Wide Developers Conference taking place in San Francisco; please forgive our posting delay. The current economy would seem to beg … [Read more...]

From the Forums: News You Can Use

Every Tuesday Voxilla delivers News You Can Use from our Forums, timely, interesting, effective information from Voxilla readers about what's happening, what's working -- and what's not -- in the world of modern telecommunications. Even though Voice over Internet Protocol has been around for a long time, new people and businesses are discovering its revolutionary potential every day. The Voxilla Forum thread I am planning to switch to Internet phone is a great place for tips on new VoIP … [Read more...]

From the Forum: News You Can Use

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Voxilla, where we delve into our popular reader forums and bring information and discussions to the front page that might otherwise be missed by those not specifically tuned into the topics at hand. Feel free to comment on areas you feel we ought to focus on and make suggestions for forum threads you feel Voxilla readers need to know about. We'll publish a hand-picked selection of forum topics for your consideration every Tuesday. Looking for Free … [Read more...]

Cisco Gets Serious About SMB Communications


Cisco Systems, the enterprise networking giant, is making an active play for the small and medium sized business (SMB) market with several products that could soon cement the company's status as the premier high-tech bellwether in the United States. With the introduction of truly plug-and-play, WiFi-enabled routers, cordless phones, desksets and a new, multi-port FXO/FXS IP telephony gateway, Cisco is making affordable, full-featured, enterprise-grade telephony solutions available like never … [Read more...]