Company Spotlight: Obihai Technology Reinventing VoIP a Third Time

Obihai Technology

If your home or office phone system has any analog telephone adaptor (ATA) or one of several Cisco-branded IP telephones, you are using products originally engineered and developed by the team at Obihai Technology. In fact, while running Komodo Technology in the 1990s, Obihai's founders, CEO Jan Fandrianto and VP of Engineering Sam Sin, helped launch the consumer VoIP industry when they invented the analog telephone adaptor. The company was bought by Cisco and the ATA-186 and ATA188 devices … [Read more...]

The Voxies: The Best in VoIP in 2011

It's hard to believe that only a couple of years ago, some industry insiders were debating whether VoIP was dead. In some ways, the pessimists had a point: There hadn't been anything new and exciting in IP communications for a long while. Sure, there were new ways to make VoIP calls using the iPhone and other mobile devices. But for the most part, VoIP in 2010 was pretty much what it had been in 2004. Fortunately, the industry sprang back to life in a big way in 2011. New hardware set … [Read more...]

How To: OBify Your IP Phone (No Asterisk Involved)


Do you have an extra line sitting empty on that IP phone on your desk? Here's an idea for it: Use it to make and receive Google Voice calls by linking it to an OBi110. Setting up an IP phone-OBi connection will also allow you to dial other OBi users directly and easily give the IP phone incoming and outgoing access to a PSTN line — including regular landline emergency 911 calling — with no other hardware needed. Follow along, and you will: Have incoming calls to your … [Read more...]

How To: Use Google Voice and OBi for all your calls (free)

Setting up Google Voice with the OBi device configuration tool

Over the past few years, the VoIP do-it-yourself crowd has built — and shared with others — ingenious methods that give the trusty telephone greater power while driving down the price of its use. Most recently, some have focused much attention on getting Google Voice — and its free US and Canada calling and incoming telephone number (which Google has promised will continue to be free till 2012) — to work on any regular home phone. Until now, Google Voice on your phone … [Read more...]