Five Reasons Your Startup Needs A Virtual Phone System


Traditional business phone systems have been an unavoidable expense for startup companies. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs could only run their business from their cell or home phone for so long before they needed a business phone system to stay connected and sound more professional. Even with the advent of VoIP phone systems, this was an expensive proposition. You have to purchase service, equipment, and additional internet bandwidth. And if you want a toll free number, it’s usually extra. Not … [Read more...]

Talking Platforms USA Puts the Customer in Control

There are many Service Providers, Resellers, Entrepreneurs or any organization looking to offer Voice over IP services to their customers. The challenges and issues are the following: 1. How do I create infrastructure, hardware and the software involved? 2. How do I maintain it? 3. If I use a 3rd party platform or service how do I keep my customer? 4. How do I keep my brand in front of my customer? 5. How do I handle billing and get paid? 6. How do I handle support? The solution is … [Read more...]

Business VoIP Solutions and How They Impact a Company

No matter the size of a business, the most important aspect of daily operations is growing relationships with other businesses or customers and communicating. Without the right communication system in place, those business partners might leave you and head to a competitor that is more easily accessible. All of that can be avoided if the business signs up for a business VoIP solution. These solutions are offered to help businesses thrive and succeed while building and maintaining relationships. … [Read more...]

How VoIP Fax Services Have Made Faxing Relevant Again

VoIP technology helps create innovative products and services on a daily basis. This versatile technology has made faxing a relevant communication option again. Although faxing is one of the oldest forms of business communication; this option still offers an important aspect. The largest issue with conventional faxing is the inconvenience it creates for users. Traditional faxing is filled with server connection problems, error messages, and extended wait times. There are several other issues … [Read more...]