Linksys SPA962 Product Review

Linksys SPA962

At-a-Glance Product Name: Linksys SPA962 Spec Sheet: Linksys SPA962 Data Sheet Estimated Price: $320.00 (USD) Pros: Bright and bold color display; six independently configurable lines; easy to install; superb remote provisioning functionality. Cons: Speaker phone needs work; web-based configuration pages look dated and could be more informative. … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA8000-G1, A First Look

Linksys SPA8000 Front View

At a glance Product Name: Linksys SPA8000-G1 Data Sheet: Linksys SPA8000-G1 Datasheet Estimated Price: $299.95 Pros: Under $40 per FXS port. Cons: The unit we tested runs hot, like a Mac PowerBook. The release version has a cooling fan. … [Read more...]

Linksys SPA8000 Review and Configuration Wizard

Businesses and ITSPs have long-needed an inexpensive way to connect legacy analog devices to a VoIP network, and Linksys announcement of the SPA8000 -- an eight-port FXS Analog Terminal Adaptor device -- early this year had many eagerly anticipating its release. Finally, that time is here. The Linksys SPA8000 is now available in the United States. We've been testing a unit Linksys made avaialble to us for several months. Read our First Look at the Linksys SPA8000-G1 or if you have already … [Read more...]

TalkSwitch TS-48-CVA With New Version 4.0 Software Product Review

For small- and medium-sized businesses, going VoIP is no easy matter. The choices are complex and confusing. Because of the perceived risks, most small and medium businesses are not ready to move completely to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in one move. Instead small and medium businesses are looking for an incremental transition from the world of analog to VoIP. TalkSwitch offers an upgradeable line of hybrid PBX systems to fit the need — starting with the TS-24-CA supporting … [Read more...]