Junction Networks Takes the Guesswork Out of SIP Hardware Choice

Junction Networks announced publication Wednesday of a new testing and review site that could become a valuable lifeline for small and medium sized businesses wanting the most out of the hosted IP PBX offerings on the market today. In many cases, when a business decides to contract for hosted VoIP services, the service provider builds a fee for providing its own hardware into the quote for the service, leaving the business customer little choice for customizing price and features to best meet … [Read more...]

Cisco Gets Serious About SMB Communications


Cisco Systems, the enterprise networking giant, is making an active play for the small and medium sized business (SMB) market with several products that could soon cement the company's status as the premier high-tech bellwether in the United States. With the introduction of truly plug-and-play, WiFi-enabled routers, cordless phones, desksets and a new, multi-port FXO/FXS IP telephony gateway, Cisco is making affordable, full-featured, enterprise-grade telephony solutions available like never … [Read more...]

Review: TrapCall Caller ID Unblocking Services


TrapCall, a new CallerID unblocking service from TelTech Systems, offers a convenient, easy to use (and free) method for US-based AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers to discover information about who is calling them and blacklist those callers they don't want to hear from. In addition, TrapCall subscribers can sign up for paid monthly service add-ons that will transcribe voicemail to text and send it in SMS and/or email, provide the calling telephone number's billing name and address, and allow … [Read more...]

Review: Call Recorder Plug In for Skype on the Mac


Ecamm's Call Recorder plug-in for Skype is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use solution for enabling voice and video call recording in Skype, well worth the $15 cost — a highly recommended plug-in for anyone with a Mac who wants to keep records of their voice and video calling history in Skype. I ran into a situation over the weekend where I had scheduled what I knew would be a long interview, something I wanted to be able to refer to later this week when I'm writing up a profile of my … [Read more...]