Mobex is the Complete Business Solution

For small businesses and ones that are in the midst of growing, it is important for them to not miss on their telecommunication needs. Mobex gives small businesses the tools they need to operate as a large business. Their products and services are highly customizable to serve the needs for each of their clients. Mobex understands the need for flexibility in the business world. For this reason, the offer no contracts or cancellation fees incase a client changes their mind about using the … [Read more...]

Provider Spotlight:

VoIPdito is a Business VoIP provider that has earned the October Spotlight because of its outstanding enterprise class cloud PBX system and its extensive features. Transform any business, no matter the size, with the VoIPdito business-class cloud system and its ability to lower costs, increase productivity, and grow with your business. VoIPdito follows their simple 3T philosophy: Telephone, Time, and Trust. These are the three pillars upon which the excellent service that VoIPdito … [Read more...]

Digium to Release Its Own Brand of Asterisk-Friendly VoIP Phones

Digium D70 IP Phone

Digium, Inc., has announced a trio of IP phones designed to interface directly with the company's highly successful Asterisk open-source PBX and its graphical Switchvox PBX front-end. The phones, each capable of high-quality "HD voice" using the G.722 wideband speech codec, will provide virtual plug-and-play connectivity to Asterisk and Switchvox installations, automating typically tricky device provisioning. The models include a $130 2-line entry level phone (D40), a mid-level $180 … [Read more...]

SIPSorcery Magic Rescues Voxalot’s Stranded Users


Aaron Clauson thinks his SIPSorcery is the natural landing place for Voxalot users who will be left with no service when the VoIP service aggregator shuts down at the end of the year. So he's made it very simple for Voxalot users to make the switch. Through the end of the year, Voxalot users are able to automatically import their settings into SIPSorcery and try out the service free for a week. After that, the user can convert to a SIPSorcery "Premium" account for $35. Like Voxalot, … [Read more...]