You Should Come to eComm

There are not many things more annoying about working in the communications space than the constant email invitations to big conferences that offer too little for too much. With few exceptions, I don't go to them. One conference I do plan to attend is Emerging Communications America 2010, or as communications insiders call Lee Dryburgh's little but potent get-together, eComm. Some of the more promising sessions at the third annual eComm at the Marriot Hotel at San Francisco … [Read more...]

Mr. Jobs, Tear Down This wall

If Apple wanted to stand the world on its ear next Wednesday at the It's Only Rock and Roll But We Like It event in San Francisco, the company would announce it is opening iPhone software development to all comers and is dropping the facade of exclusive distribution through the iTunes App Store. Heresy, you say? Perhaps in the eyes of some, but read on to learn why those two moves would be best for the company, the platform, for developers and - most of all - consumers. The original … [Read more...]

AT&T and Apple: Cutting Ties That Overbind


After months of criticism from various consumer groups, it has been speculated that telecom giant AT&T is closer to allowing the use of VoIP applications over its 3G data network on mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone. 3G access has been an issue over the past few months due to the fact that iPhone voice applications such as Skype can only be used in areas where the device can connect to the internet over a WiFi network.  With increasing pressure coming both from consumers and a … [Read more...]

Skype Only Winner as Apple Jilts Google

While many pundits in the telephony space were busy pointing fingers and naming villains in the wake of Apple's rejection of Google's iPhone app for Google Voice, the real winner in the current scenario, Skype, continued to rack up millions of minutes that could have been destined for Google and, strangely enough, AT&T. Skype is already arguably the world's largest telephone company, originating and terminating more worldwide telephony minutes than any other service provider, and Google has its … [Read more...]