VoIP Provider Callcentric Offers New Plans, Free Phone Numbers


VoIP service provider CallCentric launched a redesigned web site and added several new features over the weekend. Among the changes: Callcentric customers can sign up for free incoming phone numbers that can be used for any purpose. The numbers, from more than 80 rate centers in New York state, incur no monthly or incoming per-minute fees. Two new rate plans have been introduced in addition to Callcentric's unlimited calling plan ($19.95/month), now called North America … [Read more...]

FBI Asking VoIP Companies to Voluntarily Support Backdoor Access to Users’ Phone Calls


The Federal Bureau of Investigations is working to convince Internet companies and Voice over IP service providers to go along with a proposed federal law that would require them to build back doors into their systems to facilitate government surveillance operations, reports CNET. Federal plans to broaden wiretapping laws to include internet communications companies have been in the works since VoIP became a more prevalent form of voice communications nearly a decade ago. But no specific … [Read more...]

Liar, Liar, VoIP on Fire: At Industry’s Low-End, Highbrow Boasts Ring Hollow

NetTALK and MagicJack

In the fierce fight for cheap VoIP supremacy, hyperbole reigns supreme. In one corner sits MagicJack, whose decidedly unpolished commercials have run rampant through late night television and who issues press releases describing itself as "a cloud communications leader that invented voice over IP (VoIP)". In the other corner sits newcomer NetTALK, a "cloud technology company" that claims its newly released NetTALK Duo WiFi is "the world's first wireless VoIP telephone device." Are … [Read more...]

OBi202 VoIP Adaptor Now on Amazon, Wait Well Worth It

Obihai OBi202

Obihai Technology has been featuring the OBi202 on the front page of the company's main web site for several months. Now, the device, which represents a huge step up from the company's wildly popular OBi100 and OBi110 VoIP adaptors, is finally available on Amazon for $75. Was it worth the wait? Should users of previously released OBis jump in and upgrade? Definitely "yes". And "probably". The OBi202 improves on the company's previous offerings in many ways, including a beefier and … [Read more...]