OBi202 VoIP Adaptor Now on Amazon, Wait Well Worth It

Obihai OBi202

Obihai Technology has been featuring the OBi202 on the front page of the company's main web site for several months. Now, the device, which represents a huge step up from the company's wildly popular OBi100 and OBi110 VoIP adaptors, is finally available on Amazon for $75. Was it worth the wait? Should users of previously released OBis jump in and upgrade? Definitely "yes". And "probably". The OBi202 improves on the company's previous offerings in many ways, including a beefier and … [Read more...]

CloudTC Releases Big Improvements to its Business Android IP Desktop Telephone

CloudTC Glass 1000

CloudTC has released a substantial firmware upgrade to its Glass 1000 Android-based IP desktop phone that significantly improves on the award-winning device in many key ways. The phone, which retails for $599 (available for $499 at VoIPSupply), now operates on Android version 2.3 ("Gingerbread"), not the most recent version of Google's operating system, but one worthy of the device's bright 9-inch display. CloudTC's curated "Market" now offers about 50 applications. All but a few of the … [Read more...]

Snom Aims to Enlarge Reach By Offering VARs Online Certification Option

German VoIP equipment and PBX manufacturer Snom Technology AG has hit on an idea that may get the company's highly rated products additional exposure in the United States. The company is now offering VoIP value added resellers (VARs) the ability to become certified to sell the snom One family of IP PBX products through an online "e-learning" program. The company's certification training, available in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, consists of 16 training modules, some 50 … [Read more...]

Digium’s Asterisk VoIP Phones Now Available

Digium has announced that its trio of IP phones announced in February are now available for purchase. Designed to easily integrate with Digium's open source Asterisk PBX and it's commercial Switchvox United Communications system, each phone is capable of high-quality “HD voice” using the G.722 wideband speech codec and come with a number of built-in applications, including interactive voice mail, call parking and easy call recording. The models include a $130 2-line entry level phone … [Read more...]