Bill Simon’s Free SIP-to-XMPP Gateway Easily Puts Google Voice on Your VoIP Phone


Unless you're an adventurous VoIP tinkerer, there is no easy do-it-yourself approach to getting Google Voice to work over an IP phone's unused line. Obihai Technologies series of Obi telephone adaptors allow you to easily use a basic analog phone with Google Voice, but some contortion is required to use an Obi with an IP phone, and even then it may not work. You can follow our guide to rigging an OBi together with Cisco SPA-series IP phones (or Polycom phones as Voxilla member "Priller" … [Read more...]

FBI Asking VoIP Companies to Voluntarily Support Backdoor Access to Users’ Phone Calls


The Federal Bureau of Investigations is working to convince Internet companies and Voice over IP service providers to go along with a proposed federal law that would require them to build back doors into their systems to facilitate government surveillance operations, reports CNET. Federal plans to broaden wiretapping laws to include internet communications companies have been in the works since VoIP became a more prevalent form of voice communications nearly a decade ago. But no specific … [Read more...]

Android Expanding Smartphone Lead Over iOS


The battle between Apple's iOS and Google's Android for dominance of the smartphone platform appears to be slipping ever so slightly in Android's favor. According to a study released by digital research firm comScore, Inc., Google Android now commands a majority, or 51 percent, of the smartphone market, up 3.7 percent from December. Apple's share of the market also increased, though at a slower 1.1 percent rate. The company's iOS platform claims 30.7 percent of the smartphone market. No … [Read more...]

Liar, Liar, VoIP on Fire: At Industry’s Low-End, Highbrow Boasts Ring Hollow

NetTALK and MagicJack

In the fierce fight for cheap VoIP supremacy, hyperbole reigns supreme. In one corner sits MagicJack, whose decidedly unpolished commercials have run rampant through late night television and who issues press releases describing itself as "a cloud communications leader that invented voice over IP (VoIP)". In the other corner sits newcomer NetTALK, a "cloud technology company" that claims its newly released NetTALK Duo WiFi is "the world's first wireless VoIP telephone device." Are … [Read more...]