Stay Connected On the Go with Virtual PBX on Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone ownership is growing as fast as the technology that helps to produce them. The mobile phone has gone from a device that simply enabled people to communicate with each other when away from their fixed lines, to something that actually helps them to run their lives. One of the biggest changes has been in the areas in which mobile phones have proved to be not only useful but essential. No longer are they handy simply for keeping in touch with friends and family; now they are so … [Read more...]

Qualcomm VoIP Chip Could Signal the End of Metered Cell Calls

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960

Engadget and others today picked up on an acronym and initialism-laden press release from chip-maker Qualcomm about the "first successful VoIP-over-LTE to WCDMA handoff." Qualcomm's marketing folks may not have put it in an easy-to-understand fashion, but they believe this is an important breakthrough. They are right. The problem is that nobody — not even Engadget's usually reliable down-to-earth writers — have gotten past Qualcomm's alphabetic mumbo jumbo (i.e.: 3GPP, … [Read more...]

VoIP Makes Sprint Most Innovative US Cell Carrier

One argument competitive market and consumer advocates have stressed in opposing AT&T's $39-billion bid to purchase T-Mobile in the United States is that the resulting GSM monopoly would stifle innovation in the cellular carrier industry. It turns out that the deal, which is still awaiting regulatory approval, may have been a key factor in one of the more innovative mobile service features introduced in several years. Ironically (or some would say understandably) neither AT&T nor T-Mobile are … [Read more...]

Smartphone Apps Make Calls Through OBi Devices

OBiOn on Android

Dozens of mobile applications for smartphones allow you to make calls from a mobile phone through a VoIP service provider. Some iPhone and Android apps can be configured to make calls through your own IP-capable PBX. But, there has been no way of making a smartphone call directly through a typical consumer-level VoIP analog telephone adaptor. Until now. A recent update of Obihai Technology's smartphone apps gives the company's hot OBi110 desktop analog telephone adaptor the … [Read more...]