OBi100 Zooms to #1, Now at $44; OBi110 now $50

Obihai Technology's OBi100

Obihai Technology has hit it big with it's tiny OBi100 VoIP adapter. Introduced two weeks ago through, the device has moved into the #1 selling slot for VoIP adapters at the online retailer, passing strong selling devices by Cisco (PAP2), Grandstream (HandyTone HT286) and the magicJack Phone Device. Obihai has also decided to permanently offer the device at $43.99 (Voxilla referral link), down from an original list price of $59.99. Until yesterday, the $43.99 price was … [Read more...]

OBi Now Talks to 200 Million Google Users

Obihai Technology's OBi110, the $50 analog telephone adaptor released late last year that has become much sought after and hard to find after it added free outgoing and incoming Google Voice call support, has gotten a whole lot more powerful. Firmware version 1.2 for the device, released today and available for free, allows a user to call and receive calls from any Google Chat user for free directly on a handheld phone attached to an OBi. There are an estimated 200 million active users … [Read more...]

No Surprise: Google to Shut Down Gizmo5

Gizmo5 announces its closure on the site's landing page.

You can add another reason to purchase an OBi110 Analog Telephone Adaptor. In a few weeks Google is shuttering the Gizmo5 VoIP service it purchased 15 months ago, killing off the only product offered by the tech giant that could link its Google Voice calling service with other ATAs and IP PBXes, such as Asterisk. That leaves Obihai Technology's OBi110 (and soon-to-be-released OBi100) adaptor as the only relatively simple tool allowing the use of Google Voice over handheld … [Read more...]

Smartphone Apps Make Calls Through OBi Devices

OBiOn on Android

Dozens of mobile applications for smartphones allow you to make calls from a mobile phone through a VoIP service provider. Some iPhone and Android apps can be configured to make calls through your own IP-capable PBX. But, there has been no way of making a smartphone call directly through a typical consumer-level VoIP analog telephone adaptor. Until now. A recent update of Obihai Technology's smartphone apps gives the company's hot OBi110 desktop analog telephone adaptor the … [Read more...]