SIP Trunking Eliminates High Cost for Communication

SIP trunking is one of the ways enterprises have saved money on communication costs. Recently, Infonectics released a new report regarding the size of the global SIP services market. This report indicated the industry is set to grow 35 percent in 2014, which means the market will be worth $4.4 billion with potential to grow to $8 billion 2018. Since more than 20 percent of all trunks for businesses are SIP, it has become the "go-to" solution in North America. What is SIP Trunking? SIP … [Read more...]

VoIP Fax and its Importance to a Business

Businesses use fax machines everyday for many reasons. Traditional fax machines are now a thing of the past, and now there is a new and improved faxing service called VoIP. The new alternative to old faxing methods helps businesses avoid running into problems old machines cause. Those "regular" types of fax machines do not work consistently and end up causing frustration, time delays, and money. The internet now provides a service called VoIP: Businesses use fax machines through the internet … [Read more...]

Business VoIP Provider is the Best Solution for Businesses

Communication is important and the key component to any business. The best option for telecommunication is a scalable voice over IP solution that is manageable. It will grow companies and make communication better. Business VoIP services operate using high speed internet connections and are delivered on operated networks to make communication fast and efficient. With extra features like web portal management and voice mobility, businesses can greatly improve productivity on this cost efficient … [Read more...]

SIP Trunking Consolidates Business Communication

There are a lot of companies that offer SIP trunking services. However, before a business can make an educated decision on which provider offers the right SIP trunking service to fit their needs, there are a few things that should be known: what kind of service this is, the benefits of using such a service and how the service is deployed. Only then can a business make an educated decision on which provider offers the right service for them. What Is an SIP Trunk Service? This kind of … [Read more...]