Provider in the Spotlight: DIDforSale

Based in sunny California, DIDforSale is a market leader in business VoIP services. As one of the most popular VoIP providers, DIDforSale is known for the superior quality of their services, and for offering superior prices. Rates are under $9.00 a month, with call rates that drop to as low as only $0.004 per minute. To top this all off, DIDforSale charges no minimums, and offers strong customer service. DIDforSale is partnered with several quality service providers in the US and all over the … [Read more...]

Improve Your Workflow with these Unique VoIP Features

A recent Pepsi commercial features a man who is constantly presented with extravagant gifts, but who replies only, “And?” each time. In a way, the man is representative of this generation: people don’t just want to know the basics, but rather what extra features are available. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as expensive as a car, or cheap as a phone service with VoIP, most people want as many bells and whistles as possible. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the … [Read more...]

The Taxing Truth About VoIP Phone Service Taxes

At at one point or another, we’ve all complained about high taxes. Whether we’ve whimpered at the digits and dollar signs taken out of our paychecks, or dropped our jaws at the sales tax at the bottom of our receipts, taxes generally stir up an unsettling feeling among us all. We feel your pain. That’s why what we are about to do next is only in your best interest. Let’s take a look at how those taxes are stacking up on your phone bill. Taxes on wireless phone services are often … [Read more...]

A Peek at Upcoming OBi Residential and Business VoIP Adaptor Hints at Powerful Features

If you visit Obihai Technology's website ( and have a quick eye, you'll catch a glimpse of the company's next hardware release. And if you think the OBi110 and OBi100 analog telephone adaptors are helping to redefine the consumer VoIP space, then you will not be disappointed by the OBi202. According to one of four graphic boxes that swipe horizontally and quickly across the top of company's web front page, here's a bit of what Obihai claims for the OBi202: Zero-touch … [Read more...]