E911 Over IP: VoIP Makes Emergency Calls Much Cheaper, Much Better

Decades-old dispatch technologies are holding E911 back,  not VoIP.

Perhaps the only remaining deterrent to consumer adoption of VoIP is the belief that Emergency 911 calling services do not work well with the technology. While this may have been true in VoIP's earliest days, it is certainly not the case now. In the US, there are plenty of E911 options available that permit VoIP users to abandon their landline with little fear that vital emergency services are unavailable. And, in some cases, VoIP-specific E911 can provide more robust emergency services … [Read more...]

AT&T Accused of Swindling Millions Through Services Aiding the Deaf and Disabled

There is ample evidence showing that expensive incumbent phone carriers in the U.S. such as AT&T make little sense for consumers. Now there's more. The US Justice Department is filing suit against AT&T, Inc., accusing the telephone giant of cheating the government out of millions of dollars by knowingly allowing swindlers to use federally subsidized telephone service for the deaf, reports the Reuters news agency. According to the report, the lawsuit, filed in federal court in … [Read more...]

In Nepal, VoIP Is Still a Racket

Map of Nepal

Voice over IP may have already become the worldwide standard for making international calls, but in Nepal the technology is considered a form of racketeering. In a humorously exaggerated news story Friday, The Himalayan Times, an English-language daily newspaper in the South Asian country, reported on an "all-out police crackdown" against "VoIP racketeers" operating in and around the Kathmandu and Lalitpur districts in the southern part of the country. Just who are these telephonic … [Read more...]