The Value of Business VoIP

Businesses are finally beginning to recognize the unparalleled value that VoIP phone service offers. However, every business is unique and so they find value in different terms. For some the value lies in increased value and productivity, for other businesses value stems from the advantages and the cost savings that come along with a converged network.

Understanding the true value VoIP offers:

The number one reason companies switch to a VoIP network is due to the huge cost saving potential that accompanies this decision, whether it is saving costs in long-distance, international calls, regulatory costs, or toll costs. However, an enterprise has to carry out a more comprehensive analysis to see whether these cost savings can be realized.

Many large enterprises operate full-fledged call centers and may have the kind of economies of scale to feel the reduction in costs that cheap VoIP may bring about. Even here though, the call volumes have to be fairly large to truly feel the effect of cost saving from inexpensive VoIP. Many therefore believe that cost savings is just a secondary advantage of the VoIP phone service while its true value lies elsewhere.

VoIP networks simplify infrastructure by utilizing a converged network that carries both voice and data which allows for a single, smaller set of trained personnel to take care of the networks.

One of the biggest benefits of VoIP is in management and rearranging of employees. You can add a new employee to the system by simply providing them with a handset connecting to the IP stack through either a Wi-Fi network or a port. This can easily be carried out by an in-house staff member and does not require a specially trained third-party to step in. If the employee is moved, all he has to do is to move the handset to the new location and connect it to the network and the same number is up and running.

With VoIP it is possible to integrate voice with other business communications, delivering faxes and voicemail to an employee inbox.  With a VoIP network selecting or unselecting of features becomes very simple.  It is very easy to set up call forwarding to cell phones or add voice recording in a VoIP system.

Besides being cost effective VoIP provides reliable service and good voice quality.  VoIP is a great decision and the benefits vary based on the needs of each company.